Autograph of a letter written by Fryderyk Chopin to his family, 10 August 1824, p. 1


Autograph of a letter written by Fryderyk Chopin to his family: ‘Nayukochańsi Rodzice – Jestem zdrów z łaski Pana Boga…’, Szafarnia, Tuesday, 10 August 1824, two sheets, written on three pages, 202x191 mm. Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warsaw [M/4].


‘Most beloved Parents – I am well, by the Lord God’s grace, and passing the time most pleasantly. I do not read, do not write, but I play, draw, run, make the most of the fresh air, be it driving around in a vehicle or else on a grey [horse], like yesterday, riding around the field. I’m eating with exceptional appetite, and wanting nothing for the complete satisfaction of my skinny belly, which is already beginning to gain weight at the very permission and liberty to eat country bread. Gerardot admittedly has not allowed me to eat rye bread, but that applied only to Warsaw bread, and not to the country variety. He forbade me to eat it because it is sour, but the Szafarnia bread is not sour in the least. That is black, and this is white. That of coarse flour, and this of fine. Finally, Gerard would find this tastier than the other, and so that he might try it, he would doubtless allow me to eat it, since the doctorly custom is to allow patients what they themselves like. But if that was not enough: Warsaw is a city, and Szafarnia a village. There, rolls for everyone, and here, for me alone. And so how could Mama possibly not give me permission? Have I not demonstrated sufficiently clearly that I can eat country bread? If only Gerardot were in Warsaw, I would immediately ask Mrs Dziewanowska for a loaf of bread and would send it through the post in a box, and Gerardot would grant his permission after the very first bite. And so in the hope of obtaining that which I so earnestly request (with the permission of Miss Ludwika and Miss Józefa, who have already allowed me once, in the hope of a forthcoming permission), I end my dissertation in this matter. – On Saturday there were many guests in Szafarnia: Mr Podowski, Mr Sumiński, Mr and Mrs Piwnicki, Mr Chamberlain Piwnicki, Mrs Borzewska, Mrs Dziewanowska’s brother, Mr Wybraniecki with Białobłocki. – On Sunday we were in Gulbiny at the Piwnickis’, today we are in Sokołowo at Wybraniecki’s. – I am taking my pills regularly and I drink tisanes by the half carafe non-stop every day. At the table I drink nothing, save for a little sweet wine. I eat fruit, but the ripest possible and approved by Miss Ludwika. – We await Papa with the utmost anticipation, and I would ask Papa if Papa would be so kind as to purchase from Brzezina ‘Air Moore variée pour le pianoforte à ±uatres mains par Ries’ and bring it with him, as I wish to play it with Miss Dziewanowska; besides this, if Papa could bring either a prescription or a jar of pills, as those which I have, according to today’s reckoning, suffice for 27 days. Moreover, I’ve nothing to write, except for Ludwika to inform me of the health of Mama and Papa, about whom I have no doubt that his back is now completely healthy. A warm embrace for Ludek, Izabelka, Emilka, Zuzia, Mrs Dekert and Miss Leszczyńska. To Grasshopper and Chomontowski I send my regards. I kiss the hands and feet of the Most Beloved Parents, your most devoted son F. F. Chopin. Mrs Dziewanowska, the Misses Dziewanowska, Mr Juliusz and Domu¶ send their regards to Mama, Papa and the children. My respects to Mr Żywny, Mr Siebert and Mr Woycicki. NB. Mr Chamberlain Piwnicki sends his regards to Papa and is glad that he will be seeing Papa.