Autograph of a letter written by Fryderyk Chopin to Stefan Witwicki, 23 March 1845, p. 1


Autograph of a letter written by Fryderyk Chopin to Stefan Witwicki: ‘Moje naydroższe Życie, – Brak mi tu ciebie tego lata bardzo było…’, Paris, Easter, [23 March] 1845, one sheet, written on two pages, 208x133 mm. In the top left corner on the first page, Stefan Witwicki added: ‘List ten Fryderyka Szopena do mnie pisany / darowuję Karolinie Mężeńskiej. / Frejwaldau 9 kwiet.[nia] 1845. SW’ [‘This letter, written to me by Fryderyk Chopin, / I give to Karolina Mężeńska. / Freiwaldau 9 April 1845. SW’]. Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warsaw [M/213].


‘My dearest Life. – I felt your absence here this summer very much. With you I could have wept a great deal. – I often thought about writing to Graeffenberg, but got no further than thinking – it became an impossibility, as soon as I picked up my penand now on top of that anxiety more than indolence is the reason why Mrs Sand’s letter is going out a week later. – What shall I tell you – that tomorrow, on Monday, Grand Easter Breakfast at the Duke and Duchess Czartoryskis’. – That Mick[iewicz] is not doing a course this year. That many of his supporters are deserting him. – That it is said that they wrote apologies to His Majesty. — But what is sad is that two of them (Pilichowski being one, apparently) have signed a document in the presence of a notary whereby they place themselves in serfdom, as objects, as slaves, to Towiański – NB they make no obligation to their children, but for their whole lives. Could there be any greater madness? – Mick. is not, as formerly, with Tow[iański]. – The latter maintains that they’ve overdone it – that they’ve gone too far. – In a word, discord – so a sad end will doubtless soon ensue. – Besides that – everything is as it was. And this evening I regret that you cannot be with us and Delacroix at the Conservatoire to hear Haydn’s Creation. – It’s only the second concert we’ve been to this year the one the other day was our first, with Mozart’s Requiem. – Today Grotkowski is coming to my place to sing you and some new songs that he doesn’t know (not new to you). — My dear Ludwika was looking for you all over Vienna on her way back home. – They always ask after you. – Mother spent the winter so-so. Tired and ageing. Perhaps we’ll see each other somewhere yet. I don’t have to remind you of her soul – you know what goodness – and you can imagine how much good her letters have done me. – I saw Zaleski once, so worthy as to visit me. – I would gladly see him more often. – He looked quite well. – Grzym[ała] is younger than ever, dancing like a twenty-year-old. Here it’s colder than ever, today is the first day there’s no snow in the garden. Spring has forgotten us. And fare thee well. – May this year be salutary for you. Love me as I love you, although I’m not worth as much as you. Your old Ch. ‘