Ludwika Chopin

Ludwika Chopin


Ludwika Marianna Chopin (1807–1855), Fryderyk’s sister

Jan Zamoyski, oil on canvas, 1969, 290 x 215, reconstruction of an oil painting by Ambroży Mieroszewski from 1829, on the basis of a colour reproduction in Leopold Binental, Chopin w 120–tą rocznicę urodzin. Dokumenty i pamiątki (Warsaw 1930).

Original lost with the collection of Laura Ciechomska in Warsaw in 1939

Collection: Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warsaw [M/1181].


Eugeniusz Skrodzki wrote the following about Ludwika in his memoirs:

‘The eldest of all the sisters, Miss Ludwika, in her facial features and her intelligent, witty conversation, most brought to mind her father’s origins and most resembled her brother. She later wed [Józef Kalasanty] Jędrzejewicz, a professor of law and administration at the Agronomic Institute in Marymont. As far as I remember, she most often played four-handed with Fryderyk and the two of them always had the most to say to one another; it would appear, therefore, that our virtuoso was closest to his elder sister.’ [Czartkowski and Jeżewska, pp. 10–11].

The gravely ill Fryderyk wrote to his sister on 25 June 1849: ‘My Life. If you can, then come. I am weak, and no doctors will help me like you. […] My friends and well-meaning acquaintances find Ludwika’s arrival here the best medicine for me’ [Sydow, ii, 301].