Fryderyk Chopin

Fryderyk Chopin (Kolberg)


Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849)

Antoni Kolberg, oil portrait, 1848, 535 x 675, reproduction: Leopold Binental, Chopin w 120–t± rocznicę urodzin. Dokumenty i pami±tki (Warsaw 1930).


This is believed to be the last likeness of Chopin painted during his lifetime; it was produced in 1848, during the Parisian sojourn of Antoni Kolberg (a friend from Chopin’s youth). The portrait was in the artist’s possession until 1882. After his death, it was displayed in an exhibition at the Cloth Hall in Cracow (1884–1888). The intention of selling the picture to Duchess Marcelina Czartoryska was unsuccessful. Ultimately, the picture was bought in the years 1894–1895 by Ignacy Dobrzycki, a member of the Warsaw Music Society, and in 1912 donated to the WMS, where it remained until the outbreak of World War II. During the war, it was transferred by Julian Pulikowski, at the order of the occupying forces, to the Biblioteka Krasińskich on ul. Okólnik, where it was destroyed by fire in 1944.