Eliza Radziwi³³

Eliza Radziwi³³


Eliza Radziwi³³ (1803–1834)

Self-portrait, pencil drawing, [6 Dec. 1832], 235 x 195.

Collection: Muzeum Narodowe, Warsaw [inv. no. Rys.Pol.1011].

The license is accorded by the owner.


Eliza Radziwi³³—daughter of Duke Antoni Radziwi³³ (1775–1833), the composer, cellist and patron of the arts for whom Chopin composed his Polonaise in C major, Op. 3 and to whom he dedicated his Trio in G minor, Op. 8. Eliza displayed considerable musical and artistic gifts, playing the piano and drawing. ‘You wanted my portrait—had I been able to steal one from Lady Eliza, then I would have sent it to you; she did me twice in my album and, so I am told, very much like me’, wrote Fryderyk to Tytus Woyciechowski on 14 November 1829, on returning from Antonin, where he spent a week in pleasant company, as he informed Tytus in the same letter: ‘There were two Eves there, the duke’s young daughters, extremely good and polite, musical, tender creatures. [...] I couldn’t get out of sending them my F minor Polonaise, which entranced Lady Eliza, so I entreat you to send it to me by the very next post, as I don’t wish to be seen as impolite, and I don’t want to write it from memory, dear thing, because I might write it differently to how it actually looks. – You can imagine Lady Eliza’s character, when I had to play her this Polonaise every day, and she liked nothing better than the Trio in A flat major’ [Sydow, i, 112–113].