Izabela Chopin

Izabela Chopin


Justyna Izabela Chopin (1811–1881), Fryderyk’s sister

Jan Zamoyski, oil on canvas, 1969, 375 x 285, reconstruction of an oil painting by Ambroży Mieroszewski from 1829, on the basis of a colour reproduction in Leopold Binental, Chopin w 120–tą rocznicę urodzin. Dokumenty i pamiątki (Warsaw 1930).

Original lost with the collection of Laura Ciechomska in Warsaw in 1939

Collection: Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warsaw [M/1182].


This is how Eugeniusz Skrodzki recalls Fryderyk’s younger sister:

‘Miss Izabella, of a purely Polish physiognomy and manner, more open, more cheerful, more engaged in helping her mother run the home, married much later than her sister, to Antoni Barciński, a professor of mathematics at the Polytechnical Institute…’ [Czartkowski and Jeżewska, p. 11].