Emilia Chopin

Emilia Chopin


Emilia Chopin (1812–1827), Fryderyk’s sister

Miniature on ivory by an unknown artist, watercolour and gouache, [c.1826–1827], 72 x 42.

Collection: Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warsaw [M/34].


Klementyna Tańska–Hoffmanowa recalls Fryderyk’s youngest sister in these words:

‘I remember well that almost angelic figure, since she honoured me, a little child, with her favours; of sickly chest, sometimes carried out for her enfeebled strength, as pale as wax, with ruddy cheeks, she spent days on end of the beautiful summer in a sort of grotto with a view over the Vistula, in the garden behind the university buildings, known, on account of its former use, as the ‘Botanika’. There we gathered, the local children, around the feet of this amiable sick girl, and she, in exchange for the water which we brought her from the gushing spring to soothe her burning fever, for the flowers which we picked for her around the little meadow, told us in a soft, dimmed voice, an array of stories and fairytales. There were a host of them…’ [Czartkowski and Jeżewska, pp. 9–10].