Samuel Bogumił Linde.

Samuel Bogumił Linde


Samuel Bogumił Linde (1771–1847)

Unknown artist, oil on canvas, 121 x 95.

[Original lost].

Collection: Photographic collection of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Warsaw [F.3326].


Samuel Bogumił Linde—a lexicographer, vice-chancellor and professor of Greek and Latin literature at the Warsaw Lyceum. Author of a six-volume Polish dictionary [Słownik języka polskiego], published in the years 1807–1814. Friendly with Mikołaj Chopin and his family, and a frequent visitor to the Chopins’ home from 1817 to 1827, when they were living on the lyceum grounds, in Casimir Palace. On Thursdays, social gatherings were held at the Chopins’, attracting eminent personages from the worlds of science and the arts, including vice-chancellor Linde, the mathematician Juliusz Kolberg, the zoologist Feliks Jarocki, the historian Wacław Maciejowski, the poet Kazimierz Brodziński, the artist Józef Brodowski, and also three outstanding musicians: the composer Józef Elsner, the kapellmeister Józef Jawurek and the pianist and organist Wilhelm Wacław Würfel. As well as playing music together, the guests also had the opportunity to listen to concerts given by the young Chopin.

There is a portrait of Professor Linde drawn by Fryderyk Chopin, held in the Muzeum Miejskie in Radom.