Warsaw, Casimir Palace

Warsaw, Casimir Palace, c.1824, Jan Feliks Piwarski, watercolour. Collection: Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, Warsaw [Rys. Pol. 4200].

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In the years 1817–1827, the Chopins (Justyna and Mikołaj, Ludwika, the eldest of the siblings, Fryderyk and his two younger sisters, Izabela and Emilia) lived in a spacious apartment in an annexe of Casimir Palace on the university campus grounds. The move from their previous apartment was caused by the relocation of the Warsaw Lyceum, from the Saxon Palace to Casimir Palace.

This apartment was situated on the second floor, in the so-called left annexe (looking from the university gates, it is the building on the right-hand side, in front of the main building). There, the Chopins ran a highly reputed boarding school for boys.


photo Piotr Ligier