Warsaw, the Chopins’ drawing-room in Krasiński Palace

Salon Chopinów w Pałacu Krasińskich [The Chopins’ drawing-room in Krasiński Palace]. Reproduction of a pen sketch by Antoni Kolberg, 1832. Original lost from the collection Warszawskie Towarzystwo Muzyczne in 1942. Collection: Photographic collection of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Warsaw, after Leopold Binental,  Chopin w 120-tą rocznicę urodzin. Dokumenty i pamiątki, (Warsaw 1930).


Situated in the left wing of Czapski/Krasiński Palace was the third and last apartment in which Fryderyk Chopin lived in Warsaw. After the premature death of their youngest daughter, Emilia, the Chopins decided to move and to close down their renowned boarding school. The family moved into a spacious apartment in which Fryderyk was given a small garret room of his own in which to work. He wrote about this room to his friend Tytus Woyciechowski: ‘Upstairs there is already a room that is to serve my comfort […] There I am to have an old piano and an old bureau; it is to be my own place of refuge’ [Sydow, i, 86]. The drawing-room, meanwhile, was the venue for numerous social and scholarly gatherings held at the initiative of Mikołaj Chopin, discussions with teacher friends, and even rehearsals with orchestra musicians prior to the premiere performance of a piano concerto. The composer spent almost two years in his last Warsaw abode; on 2 November 1830, he left Warsaw and was fated never to return to the city of his childhood and youth.