Warsaw, Royal Baths Park [Łazienki Królewskie]

View of the Royal Baths Park [Łazienki] in Warsaw, lithograph by Juliusz Volmar Fleck, first half of 19th c. Collection: Biblioteka Narodowa, Warsaw [Dział Ikonografii, T. I-60, G. 4177].

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Following his early debut, the now renowned young Fryderyk was regularly invited to numerous Warsaw salons. One admirer of Fryderyk’s talent was Grand Duke Constantine, who heard the young virtuoso play many times in his salon at the Belvedere. During these visits, besides the obligatory renditions, Chopin also had time for amusement: he met with Alexandrine, known as Moriolka (daughter of the Count de Moriolles, the French tutor employed at the Belvedere), and they played together with the Grand Duke’s son, Pavel, known as Pawełek. Fryderyk was very familiar with the beautiful surroundings of the Belvedere and the Royal Baths Park.