Warsaw, Blue Palace

Warsaw, Blue Palace, lithograph by Friedrich Christoph Dietrich, first half of 19th c. Collection: Biblioteka Narodowa, Warsaw [Dział Ikonografii, WAF. 658, G. 33970].

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The salon of Count Stanisław Kostka Zamoyski and his wife Zofia in the Blue Palace, which functioned from the times of the Duchy of Warsaw, was one of the more important centres of social life in the capital. It attracted representatives of political circles, the imperial authorities (dignitaries of the Russian court and foreign guests), the literary set (particularly during the period of the famous literary Fridays) and also the musical milieu (organisers and performers of concerts in aid of the Charitable Society, of which the countess was founder). In his youth, Chopin, who is supposed to have first played in the Zamoyskis’ salon as a six-year-old, was invited to the Blue Palace on many occasions. One of those recitals took place in May 1826. Chopin recalled that evening in a letter to Jan Białobłocki: ‘On Sunday, a week ago to the day, I was at the Zamoyskis’, where Długosz’s aeolopantalon was admired virtually the whole evening long’ [Sydow, i, 65]. In the same palace, but from the ul. Żabia side, Klementyna Tańska, later Hoffmanowa, also had a salon in which the young Chopin gave concerts.