Warsaw, ulica Miodowa

Warsaw, ulica Miodowa in 1777 with Tepper Palace, Bernando Belotto (Canaletto). Collection: Royal Castle, Warsaw [inv. no. ZKW 443].

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Ulica Miodowa was, after ulica Krakowskie Przedmieście, the street most often frequented by Fryderyk during his walks. Almost all his favourite establishments stood on this street, including sheet music and instrument stores, e.g. those of Brzezina, Klukowski and Magnus, and also cafés that he liked to call at: Pod Kopciuszkiem, Honoratka and Dziurka. In addition, many of his friends lived nearby, and Chopin walked along ul. Miodowa on his way to the Teatr Narodowy on Plac Krasińskich for all the important shows and concerts.


photo Andrzej Ring and Bartosz Tropiło