Antonin, palace


Antonin, landscape with palace, in Die Ländliche Wohnsitze, Schlosser und Residenzen der Ritterschaftlichen Grundbesitzer in der Preussischen Monarchie nebst den Königlichen Familen (Berlin, 1861–1862). Collection: Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań.

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Chopin thus recalled his autumn stay on Duke Antoni Radziwi³³’s estate in Antonin, Greater Poland, in his correspondence: ‘I received your last letter […] at Radziwi³³’s residence in Antonin. I was there for a week, and you’ll not believe how well I felt there. I returned by the last mail-coach and barely excused myself from extending my stay. As for my own person and passing amusement, I would have stayed there until I was chased away, but my affairs, and my Concerto in particular, not yet finished, and impatiently awaiting the completion of its finale, compelled me to leave that paradise. There were two Eves there, the duke’s young daughters, extremely good and polite, musical, tender creatures.’