Poznań, town hall

Poznań, town hall, lithograph by Friedrich Christoph Dietrich [in Gabinet czytania…], 1835. Collection: Biblioteka Narodowa, Warsaw [Dzia³ Ikonografii, T. I-17, P.4695, G.11555].

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On 9 September 1828, Chopin left with Professor Feliks Jarocki by stagecoach for Berlin. The route led through Poznań, where they had only a two-hour break in their journey. They used this time to deliver an important package entrusted them by Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz. On reaching Poznań, the two travellers set off in the direction of the Archbishop’s Palace, in order to deliver the parcel in person to Archbishop Teofil Wolicki. It is thought that Chopin and Professor Jarocki spent a few days in Poznań on their way back to Warsaw around the turn of September and October (from 30 September to 3 October 1828). There is no certainty as to their accommodation in the city, but they may have put up at the Hotel Saski on ul. Wroc³awska. Most probably, as previously agreed, they went to the Archbishop’s Palace for dinner with Teofil Wolicki. It seems rather unlikely that Chopin gave a recital during this stay in Poznań.