Prague, panorama

Prague, panorama of the city


In August 1829, the route back to Warsaw from Vienna was planned by Chopin and his friends in such a way as to visit, among other places, Prague. ‘In a flash, but not without advantage, we visited Prague’, wrote Fryderyk to his parents. In visiting the city, the young men, as usual, had a great deal of luck, since their cicerone on this occasion was none other than Václav Hanka, who showed them Prague’s beautiful sights and views. ‘I won’t write at length about where he led us, along what lovely views; I would run out of room to describe the magnificent cathedral with its silver St John of Nepomuk and beautiful chapel of St Wenceslas, covered with amethysts and other precious stones… I shall tell you when I arrive’. They stayed there for three days, and so Fryderyk also had the chance to make new musical acquaintances. Then they continued their journey to Teplice.


Chopin’s second stay in this city was again connected with a journey to Vienna. After leaving Warsaw on 2 November 1830, Fryderyk travelled from Kalisz with his best friend Tytus Woyciechowski. In Prague, they put up at the Gasthof zum Schwarzen Rofs [Black horse inn], then a few days later resumed their journey.


photo Mariusz Wrona