Linz, panorama

Linz, panorama of the city, steel engraving by K. Pelerss after a drawing by William Tombleson, photographic print from the collection of Maria Mirska. Collection: Photographic collection of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Warsaw [F.3882].


On 20 July 1831, after a long wait for all the formalities to be taken care of—extending his passport and obtaining testimonials and permits—Chopin left for Paris, in the company of his friend Norbert Kumelski. Vienna, where he spent eight months, was de facto a stage in the journey which he began in Warsaw on 2 November 1830, the destination of which was Paris. From Vienna, they travelled by stagecoach to Linz, on the Danube, with further stops planned in Salzburg, Munich and Stuttgart. This first part of the route certainly passed in a pleasant atmosphere. Among the multilingual company encountered on the way, there were ‘two female singers from the theatre in Milan’. In Linz, they stopped for three days and visited the city, before ‘a couple of days spent travelling by carriage in numerous mixed company towards the Tyrol-Salzburg Alps’. Norbert Kumelski: “We continued this delightful journey through Gmünden, Ebensee (that is, Lambath) and Iachl. Some adventures with ‘Tyrolean songstresses’”.’ [Tomaszewski, Chopin…].