Aachen, theatre

Aachen, theatre, reproduction of steel engraving by J. Poppel. Collection: Photographic collection of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Warsaw.


‘Around 20 May 1834, in Aachen, besides Deborah, Chopin and Hiller hear a performance of Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony and Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in a monumental orchestration. A meeting with Felix Mendelssohn. A few days later […] Mendelssohn to his family: “Since then we have been an inseparable trio, […] we complement each other and learn one from the other. […] Chopin is presently the foremost among pianists, […] he plays like Paganini on the violin”. With regard to style, he distances himself from them both, as being too romantic: “they both suffer from the Parisian mania for despair and sentimental affectation, and too frequently lose sight of tact and calmness and a purely musical approach […] I turned out to be a little bit like the schoolmaster”.’ [Tomaszewski, Chopin…].