Karlsbad, view of the spa

Karlsbad, view of the spa, coloured aquatint by Eduard Gurka, signed, 19th c. Collection: Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warsaw [M/633].


‘16 August 1835, Mikołaj Chopin to his family in Warsaw: “having learned from my letters that I was to travel to Karlsbad, he wished to give us the most pleasant of surprises; he abandoned his activities in Paris and travelled for several nights in order to arrive here before us. He has not changed a bit. […] We shed tears of joy”. Fryderyk: “Indescribable our joy! […] that I had always only hoped for, and today the realisation of this happiness and happiness and happiness”. Since leaving Poland towards the end of 1830, Chopin had not seen his parents even once. An opportunity to meet arose unexpectedly in 1835. They spent a month together, partly in Karlsbad, partly in Tetschen, famed for the beautiful castle of the Thun-Hohensteins’ [Tomaszewski, Chopin…].