Welcome to the Chopin Kaleidoscope - a digital database containing iconography from the collection held in Chopin Museum. In the collection you will find reproductions of portraits of Chopin and his contemporaries, number of photographs of places connected with Chopin's life and work, and also numerous various documents (for example manuscripts).

The project Chopin: Kaleidoscope is close to a virtual exposition of digital pictures with captions, and also a innovative system of administration that gives the access to the digital collection of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute. The system will allow you to choose the particular pictures and apply for the rights to publish the selected material.

We invite you to visit this unique digital exhibition with the accompaniment of Chopin's music from the recordings from our series The Real Chopin. All people and entities interested in getting access to the selected iconography and in getting a licence for publishing them are welcome to make the registration in the system. Please, familiarize yourselves in details with the statute and all the terms and conditions of granting a licence.

The whole system of administration allows you to choose easily the necessary reproductions and apply for the licence for publishing them.